Melanie Nowak

Author of the Venomous Vampire series




                     Calling all ALMOST HUMAN readers!!!


Do you love sharing your honest thoughts & opinions about books?

Do you enjoy introducing others to the series?

As an Indie Author, I rely on my readers to help spread the word about my books. I have no marketing team, no promotional’s all me...and my beloved readers, of course!



I am putting together an ALMOST HUMAN street team

and I need your help!


What is a street team? A group of readers willing to help out the author by spreading the word about books to their friends and on social media, by leaving reviews, sharing posts, etc. I’m also always open to feedback and ideas too! In return, I can offer AH bookmarks, sneak peeks into unreleased work, and some signed paperbacks!


I’m not used to asking for help - I have spent the last 10 years running the ALMOST HUMAN series as a one-woman project with only the occasional beta group for assistance. I am very excited to begin this new team! I’m not sure how many readers will apply, so I cannot guarantee that I can accept every request, but even readers who cannot commit to the team can still leave reviews and spread the word - all help is greatly appreciated!!!


What can you do to help?

Anyone, whether they’re officially on my Street Team or not, can lend a hand to get the word out about my books!

* Word of mouth is the most effective way to promote a book. Did you like one of my books? Share that with your friends. Mention it in your reader groups. Tell your Twitter pals, blog readers, Facebook friends, the lady at the grocery store, anyone you think might truly be interested. Tell them to look for me on Amazon, or to even Google me.
If you enjoy my books write a few sentences about why you like the book and post a review! Don't worry if it isn't long or doesn't sound 'professional' - think of it as just talking to a friend, telling them why you liked the book and maybe they will like it too!
Copy and post your review to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble a facebook book-group, or anywhere that people go to find a book recommendation.
The more reviews a book has, the more exposure it receives on Amazon and other websites. Leaving a review has far more impact than you may realize! Every review is helpful!!!


* Please 'Like' my books (all versions - paperback & kindle) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wherever you may see them!


* If you have a Goodreads account, please put all of my books on your shelf - whether it's "read" or "want to read". You can follow and friend me there too!

To apply to be part of the ALMOST HUMAN street team, please fill out the following Google Form: