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I am from miami, florida.


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Reply Caluchi
10:06 AM on May 2, 2011 
Done w/ The first Trilogy, and as the book is coming to an end , I cant' stop debating myself of the true meaning of events and character developments.
I think the author's intentions of getting away as "almost" human excuse, was becoming an understatement and fitting a total corrosive Human behavior picture. The characters , w/ all the grays , started acting like a real "next door" human being, with all the mistakes, lying, fake feelings, using ... I love you... in vain and so on.
Felicity feelings are difficult to understand, when her /rebound/ was much faster than Allie's Transformation. Cain got away w/ a more proper exit but, no doubt, at the end getting in contact w/ Sindy was carrying on the "mentor-student" defeat all over again.
Please!, don't judge me. I know is fantasy. But, trouble me a lot when someone use the idea of love, so deliberate. I don't want a "happy ending ", but at least even the beast and monsters know the difference.
I don't have a hero by any means. I have an empty space trying to fulfill.
But , thanks Melanie you are a great writer.
Reply Caluchi
9:55 AM on April 28, 2011 
If a human-vampire relashionship is consider it to be impossible, you won't do it. In
fact, you won't even make the attempt.
So, don't consider it to be impossible. Instead of thinking about why you can't, just get busy working on how you can.
Stop analyzing and anticipating how difficult it will be.
Focus your heart on how wonderful it will be.
it's just a thought!!
Reply Caluchi
9:44 AM on April 28, 2011 
I really hope, there is some other guy outhere going thru the same feelings as myself.
feeling no sympathy for Cain actions, and strongly believing of " it's Not what we are, what define us..
Reply Caluchi
4:47 PM on April 27, 2011 
Hi Melanie,
Thanks sooo much for your bellow answer. I really appreciate your words in a really special way.
I am an extremelly passionate artist myself, I am a painter and a Designer ( for a living ) and I always try to visually express the human world and all the deepest meaning behind it.
I am from a different culture ( latin-spain), where myth and leyends become part of the real world. thats why I always liked Vampires and supernatural roles, to feel them part of the equation..
I got into your books thru one of my friends, and inmediatelly I become part of your fan club.
I am not a kid , and I am totally open to the new " Adult" reading w/ an open frontier, but hurt me to
be part of something that doesnt feel clean or clear..therefore just confused, and a little sad of some actions and character developments.
I am a guy myself, and I know How " We" act in certain moments... when there are truly feelings involved , nothing is as sexual instints.. specially w/ those that are not worthy. even if you are an animal w/ no control.
Once again thanks, i will keep my reading and for sure I will become your companion in books.
I am creating a Book club here at work.. so with anothers point of views, feel better about LOVE without be a romantic guy.
Reply Melanie Nowak
3:36 PM on April 27, 2011 
Hi Caluchi - thanks for reading!

I'm sorry to hear that you were upset by some things in the series. To be honest, I'm very surprised by your interpretation of Cain's actions. I don't see him (at all!) as a "sexual predator" or an "evil creature" as you wrote in your other comment (on my profile).

To me, Cain is a good, honest and spiritual person who has been put into a difficult situation and is trying his best to find his way through it without hurting others.

He did not actually "cheat" on Felicity with Sindy. He broke up with Felicity, leaving her because he did not want to poison her life with his association to darkness, and then he turned to Sindy to ease that pain and try to 'seal his fate' in thinking that he did not deserve Felicity. Was it something that others would want him to do - probably not, but I don't feel that is the same as "cheating".

The reason that Cain ultimately left Felicity, was because he felt she deserved more out of life than he could give her - a human life with a family. He still loves Felicity and probably always will. Personal sacrifice is the greatest expression of love that a person can show. Cain sacrificed his own happiness for Felicity to have a chance to have a happy human life. I don't see that as weakness, I see it as strength.

If Cain were weak he could easily have taken Felicity away from her family and friends, taken away her human life and her choices for the future, so that he could be happy to have her as a companion. It takes a far stronger man to give someone else the freedom to direct their life, rather than direct it for them.

This book is planned as a 12 book series (4 trilogies) and you can be sure that somewhere along the way Cain and Felicity will see each other again in the future. At this point, they are both sad that things did not work out - but they both still feel love for each other.

Felicity has said more than once that she does not regret losing her virginity to Cain because she knows that he loves her. I am sorry that you did not feel that way.

I am glad that you wrote (in your other post) that you want to keep reading. I hope that you will be happier with the rest of the series.

My series is a departure from traditional "paranormal romance": and is really more fantasy based, meaning that it does not follow the typical "happily-ever-after" format that some readers might expect. There is still happiness and even true love - but it is more realistic and sometimes must traverse winding roads with peaks and valleys. As a woman who has been with her husband for 20 years, I do very much believe in true love and I recognize the trials that sometimes go along with it. We are only human.

You might find that were you to re-read the story with new perspective, you might notice some passages that show the reasoning behind Cain's actions, that you may not have fully digested the first time through, and you might even find that you can empathize with him a bit, making the story a better experience for you.

Of course - even if you don't, that is the beauty of a book. All people take away from it what they want and see things in their own way. I'm glad that you felt passionate enough about my characters to want to write to me about it. Thank you so much for reading.
Reply Caluchi
1:35 PM on April 27, 2011 
I am a new reader from Miami... and I am suffering the bad flavor of the book.
I dont think that i am a freak, thinking that there is love outhere , without the cheating ( Sex w/ sindy) and prior missconduct fom Cain.
I am upset w/ the fact that I idealized Cain's relationship w/ a great level of responsability from his 340 years. At the End is all weekness and no trust worthy.
I will keep reading , because I dont want to loose track of felicity path knowing that there is no future w/ Cain . I feel sorry for her loosing her virginity w/ someone less worthy