Book Expo 2011 Book Expo 2011 BEA 2011 127096019 Melanie & Marianne at BEA This is me & friend Marianne Morea (author of Hunter's Blood) at BEA 127057759 BEA BEA is the largest Book Trade show in America! 127093270 BEA The scale of this book show is overwhelming! Look at the size of this room - and it is one of two connected areas! 127096023 BEA signings My friend, Author Marianne Morea & I both had long lines for our signings. and ran out of books before our time slots were up! 127097518 Melanie signing Signing books - I can't believe I ran out of books before my time was up! 127057760 Melanie & Damaris Me with Damaris of the review blog Good Choice Reading 127057757 Melanie, Damaris & future readers Damaris helped spread the venom addiction by introducing my venomous vamps to her friends :-) 127057761 BEA So many publishers in one place! 127096022 Richelle Mead Richelle Mead was signing at BEA. 127096021 BEA Books Ever seen so many books in one place? 127093271 Melanie & Marianne This is me with fellow author Marianne Morea 127057758 John Lithgow John Lithgow gave a reading from his new book. 127093272 BEA Children's Author Breakfast Julianne Moore spoke about her new children's book at the Children's Author Breakfast. 127093273 Michael Moore Michael Moore was there to discuss his latest work. 127093274 Diane Keaton Diane Keaton spoke at the Author Breakfast about her new memoir. 127096020 Mindy Kaling Mindy Kaling (from the TV show The Office) was there to host the Author's Breakfast and discuss her new collection of comedic essays. 127093275 Charlaine Harris Charrlaine Harris spoke at the Author Breakfast - telling all the publishers who initially rejected her Sookie Stackhouse story "Neener neener neener!" 127094604 Dead Reckoning Attendees received a free hard cover of Dead Reckoning - the latest Sookie Stackhouse book. Ms. Harris didn't sign them though :-( 127094605