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What a wonderful writer! Now look what you've made me do- spend part of my retirement years not reading your books. I have a gigantic library. I want more of your books in there.You are an amazing writer! Usually when I want to read a series, I wait till all the books are out. That way I don't have to wait on a book to be published. I've talked to many people that do this. Not the case with your series- I plunged right through them. In fact, I've read a book in one day, staying up till 4AM. With all due respect, Please Type Faster. LOL. If there's four more books, I'll have to take a tranquilizer to wait. I am your biggest fan! Keep typing. Oh, I think I'd die if Felicity doesn't end up with Cain.LOL. Thank you so much for the  great reads!

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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Linda,


Thanks so much for writing and for your support. I'm really flattered and happy to know that you're enjoying the series so much! Sorry I don't have more completed work to offer - I know how frustrating it is to wait! It's an honor that you like the story so much that you are impatient  :)


I did not begin writing earlier because I never dreamed of being an author, and I got a bit of a late start. However, if I've learned anything throughout my life, it's that everything happens as it is meant to, in it's own time. It's been a very long bumpy road to get to where I'm at now in my life and career. I know I haven't written nearly fast enough to please my readers (or myself!). Things have been difficult, but this summer we're moving, and I believe I can finally set things up so that I can settle my family and be able to write to my heart's content!


I'd hoped the next book, Destined for Divinity, would be finished for summer, but with the impending move I think it's looking more like an October release. (Sorry!) However, after that I hope to be settled and begin writing faster. (I've thought that before and been wrong - best laid plans and all, but I have faith that the next chapter in my life will allow me to focus on writing rather than personal and financial damage control) 


There are 6 more books planned for ALMOST HUMAN, and I plan to write a few mid-series novellas for Felicity and Cain as well. I promise to write as quickly as I can, while delivering the story with the passion and thoughtfulness that it deserves.


So...have a glass of wine (or your tranquilizer of choice, LOL) and please try to be patient! I will post some sneak peeks and snippets when I am closer to being finished, and share the book with everyone as soon as I can.


Thank you for reading!


~ Melanie Nowak

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