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Hi Melanie. Great series, I love it. I was wondering why don't we ever see things from Ben's point of view? It'll be interesting if we do and it will make things fair as we get to see things from other characters' point of view
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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Alex!

Thanks for writing - I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far!

Concerning writing from different perspectives, in the first trilogy, there was a certain amount of information I did not wish readers to have 'first hand' yet, so we do not get to hear from Ben, Alyson and Sindy's points of view. However, in the second trilogy the storyline becomes a bit more complex, and the perspectives of the other characters are needed to let us in on more of the story. In Born to Blood (ALMOST HUMAN - the Second Trilogy - Volume 2), the story dictated that we get to see from the point of view of Cain, Felicity, Allie, Mattie, Sindy & Elric. Then in volume 3 of the 2nd trilogy, Descendant of Darkness, we get to hear from Ben, as well as Cain, Felicity, Allie, Sindy & Elric. I hope you'll continue with the series - I'm sure you'll like hearing from the other characters. I loved being able to write from their perspectives!

Thanks for reading!


~ Melanie Nowak

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