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Daphne Brown
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This is the first time I have read a book series and actually missed the characters now that I am done! I cannot wait for the next book! Where will it go next? Sidney is a strong character she has great potential...I would love for her to have her own trilogy...who should she end up with? I really want Cain to be with Felicity...but how would you like that to be played out? I don't really want her to leave Ben so I think he would have to exit the story line what do you think? I think Cain needs a child of course with Felicity...I know he cannot have one so Ben would be the obvious choice here...again he would have to exit the storyline...What do you think? Another twist could be his brother is not dead...but also immortal. What could he be? He fell in the water! 

Melanie great job....keep writing! I am soo invested in the characters :) Lets get this it's own t.v. series...I would love to watch this one!


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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Daphne,

Thank you so much for writing, I love all of your interesting speculations! I'm glad you really enjoy the characters. I feel the same way when I get truly invested in a series. I want to re-read just to visit my friends, LOL. I know that it is rare to find characters that aren't just vehicles for the story, but actually people you really want to continue spending time with - so thank you for that awesome compliment!

I'm glad you see Sindy's potential :-) (and don't feel bad but you have her name wrong. It's funny, there are a lot of people that tend to call her Sidney! But she is definitely Sindy with an emphasis on SIN!)

I'm excited to let readers continue the journey with the next book. I'll be sure to announce the release date when I have one. In the meantime... if you happen to have a friend with a TV studio, send him my way! LOL. Thanks for reading!!!


~ Melanie Nowak

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