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Hi Melanie!! Any word on when the 2nd trilogy will be available on the nook?  I am waiting! lol  Also, I am the one who had all those problems with the 1st trilogy on the nook, but I  just wanted to let you know that they pulled the ebook and I assume they fixed it bc they sent me a message that it is available to redownload it now.  Keep me posted!   Thanks,  Deborah

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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Deborah!

I honestly don't know much about how they fix the format problems. They just tell me to provide the book in either PDF or MS Word (I forget which) and they put it on there. I hope it displays well!


I now have joined an expanded distribution program which should make all of my books available through most major outlets, including Barnes & Noble. If I'm not in their e-store yet (it takes a while to get into all the systems) you can also purchase my ebooks through Smashwords, using this URL:


The entire 2nd trilogy is not written yet - only Volume 1: Born to Blood. I hope you enjoy it!


~ Melanie Nowak

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