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grammy 1
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We talked about this on the Facebook Site


An Almost Human Movie or TV Series....


Who do you see as Cain?  Felicity? Sindy? Ben? Ally? Mattie???


I liked Alex O Louglin from the show  Moonlighting as Cain....Some said ewww as they saw him as OLD....Considering Cain is 340....whatever


So lets play with this and have some fun...






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kris "vamp girl"
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I like Jason Lewis as Cain.  He played Smith (Samantha's boyfriend in the Sex and the City movie); for Felicity I have two actresses in mind, Molly Burnett (Melanie-Days of our Lives and Ashley Green (long hair and died auburn-Alice from Twilight); Sindy-Rachel Evan Wood; Ben-Hayden Christiansen; Allie-Michelle Williams and Mattie- I have not really thought about, but maybe Zack Efron

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grammy 1
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yes , I hadn't thought of Jason Lewis....good choice.....I also see Ashley as Felicity.. will have to check out Rachael and Hayden before I say yeah

.anybody else have any ideas

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<3 Cat
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I like...

Cain - Henry Cavill (Tudors)

Ben - Chris Pine (Star Trek 2009 Movie)

Felicity - Annabell Wallis (Tudors)

Sindy - Pauley Parette (NCIS - You have to see her with blonde hair, there's a pic on IMDB)

Allie - Elizabeth Dushku (Dollhouse)

I'm not sure about Mattie though... will have to read more from B2B to see...

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