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Anyone else watching it?

I didn't expect much, as I am not the biggest fan of cop/crime shows..and I've always been meh with Karl Urban. That said, after Dredd, this was the best role for him. It has a few decent nods to Blade Runner (specifically the first episode), and it is a bit of a mix of Deus Ex: HR, Mass Effect (the music) and Blade Runner. My biggest problem with it is the slight whiff of CSI that lingers around it, but it isn't the worst television I've watched.

Thanks !

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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Dave

I am afraid you are mistaken about the topic of this forum. This website is dedicated to the Paranormal Romance, Venomous Vampire Book Series ALMOST HUMAN by author Melanie Nowak (me). This series began over 10 years ago and has nothing to do with the television crime show. Sorry! I hope you will check out my books. You can learn more about them on the Home page of this website :-)


~ Melanie Nowak

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