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Hi Melanie, Any news on the third trilogy or next series? Will we see what happens with everyone soon? Can't wait to find out more! Best Wishes, Karlz.

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Melanie Nowak
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Hi Karlz - thanks for writing! I am working on the third series and hope to have it coming out in a few months. Sorry for the long wait!

As you may have seen, I recently re-released all the books in a new format, as a series of novellas. It was a lot of work and took longer than I'd hoped, but I think it has brought a new audience to the series.

From now on all new books for the series will be released one at a time as 3 part Novellas first - then bound into 1 Novel once all 3 are complete. Hopefully in the future putting out each part as it's done rather than making you wait for the entire novel will help ease the vampire venom cravings between releases, LOL.

Once things are rolling, the books should come out faster, but to begin the 3rd series I first needed to outline the entire series - I like to have the general structure of the story, titles and concept artwork theme for the covers in place when the first book is released so the entire series is cohesive. This means it is taking me a bit longer than I'd hoped before I can put out the next Novella. I'm working to finish it as quickly as I can!

Thanks for reading, and for your patience as I refine this crazy process (I'm working alone without a net here!)

Thanks for reading!


~ Melanie Nowak

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