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I know it was a terribly long wait for Destined for Divinity, and I truly appreciate your patience. In light of the time and effort it takes to tell the story in such a long novel format, I've made a decision that I hope will make my readers happy...


From this point forward, I will be releasing the rest of the books in parts, as Novellas: 3-5 bite-size books that will add up to make the complete Novel when they are all finished. That way, readers can read each 'episode' with less wait, rather than be made to wait for the entire thing at once.


I'm going to reformat all of the previous books as well, so new readers have the choice to read Fatal Infatuation part 1, 2 & 3, or just buy the whole thing as a novel. Don't worry - I will make it very clear that this is the same story in a new version - I don't want readers to be confused and buy the same book again in a new way if they didn't mean to.


While I love to read big books myself, I know that some people are a bit intimidated by a huge book. Destined for Divinity is 250,000 words - which is almost unheard of in this industry - it's the length of 3 or 4 average length novels in one. That is partially why it took so long to write.


I'm interested to hear what readers think of the new Novella format idea... There is certainly more story to tell, and I am excited to get all the reformatting out of the way so I can continue with the next book. Thanks so much for reading!



~ Melanie Nowak

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