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Author of the Venomous Vampire series




(Ages and descriptions reflect the beginning of the first book in the first series)


  • Full name – Christian Herald
  • Hair – light sandy brown/dirty blonde. Usually layered to shoulder length.
  • Eyes – blue
  • Vampiric eyes – yellow
  • Height – 5’ 11”
  • Weight - 160
  • Body type - muscular/athletic
  • Age at death – 27
  • Vampiric age – 340
  • Place of birth - Canterbury England
  • AIM Screen Name –

Cain is an elder vampire who displays quiet confidence even as he struggles to overcome sins of his past. Surprisingly, he found that in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. He feels that it is his divine responsibility to find hostile and misguided vampires, and educate them to live in peace with humans. Often a thankless and difficult task, Cain pursues his goal with unshakable will, but sometimes his most difficult endeavor lies in controlling himself.

Quote: "You think I like being one of the ‘undead’? You know, dying young and becoming a restless wanderer of the earth was not exactly part of my plan. But eventually, I realized something. I’m not the one making the plan. Some things are beyond our control, but we must have faith that everything happens for a reason. We do the best we can with what we are given. As for the things that we can control... well, we all have choices to make.” He gave a little laugh. “Though, some of us have choices more difficult than others. Each day, we must make every effort to do what is right, and pray that we have the strength to do it again tomorrow.”

All That I'm Living For - evanescence (acoustic)

I can't help but hear 'Cain' in the lyrics to this song.


  • Full name – Felicity Snow
  • Hair – dark auburn red, long & wavy
  • Eyes – hazel green
  • Height – 5’ 6”
  • Weight – 145
  • Body type – curvy/voluptuous
  • Age – 17

Felicity is quiet, shy and prone to self doubt. Going away to college is an opportunity to mature into a confident young woman; but her new beginning turns out to be more of an adventure than she bargained for when she finds that her new school is plagued not by bullies, but vampires! Felicity cannot divine the motives of Cain, the vampire who captured first her gratitude and then her heart. She finds the historical account of Cain’s past enthralling and frightening. Now she must decide whether the addictive venom in Cain’s kiss is clouding her judgment or if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too strong for their love to conquer.

Quote: "Did you ever feel like you had your whole life all planned out? You thought you knew just what to do, to put yourself on the right track, and have everything under control - and then suddenly, something changes, and now everything is different.”

Uninvited - Alanis Morissette



  • Full name - Benjamin Everheart
  • Hair – dark brown, short, thick and wavy
  • Eyes - brown
  • Height – 6’ 1”
  • Weight – 180
  • Body type – muscular/athletic
  • Age – 20

Handsome, charming, top of his class, and manager of the local cafe, college junior Ben had quite a lot going for him. He never had a shortage of girls vying for his attention, but so far he'd never met someone that could hold his interest for more than a passing fling. Enter a vampire vixen with an attitude and a vendetta against him onto the scene, and this young man's life doesn't seem so charmed after all!

Quote: “Sorry, I try to live in reality. It’s a lot less fun, I know.” He paused for a moment, as if something had just occurred to him. “Have you ever actually read the bible?” Felicity only answered him with a strange look. “Cain was not a good guy. Just so you know.”


  • Full name – Alyson Freeman
  • Hair – short-punk cut, blonde, multi-color streaked
  • Eyes – blue
  • Height – 5’ 2”
  • Weight - 110 lbs.
  • Body type - athletic/slender
  • Age – 23

Alyson waitress' at the local bar and has been a friend of Ben's since childhood. Petite, care-free, and fiercely loyal; Allie knows how to have a good time and with her brown belt in jui jitsu, she can seriously kick ass. She makes up for her small size with a large personality.

Quote: “I speak the obvious truth. I don’t have any use for Halloween. I’m already out there for everyone to see. I don’t have to hide behind some stupid fake holiday. If I want my hair to be pink, I dye it pink. If I wanted to walk around half naked, I would, and I wouldn’t have to consult a calendar to do it.”



  • Full name – Cynthia Abigail Applebaum (Use it and you'll be missing teeth)
  • Hair – long, straight and tinted the deepest black
  • Eyes – brown
  • Vampiric eyes – red 
  • Height – 5' 8
  • Weight - 125 lbs
  • Body type - slender
  • Age at death – 16
  • Vampiric age – 19

This vampire vixen displays the presence of a queen and the petulance of a spoiled diva. She sees the world as her playground, and considers all men as hers for the taking. She has created a coven of adoring slaves, but the two men who truly spark her interest seem to be the only ones maddeningly out of her reach.

Quote: "Let me let you in on a little secret. I’m the top of the food chain here. Vampires are far superior to humans, in every way. I’m the lioness in this room, and you guys are just a bunch of little jumpin’ gazelles. Get over it, ‘cause it ain’t never gonna change.”

How Does It Feel? - Avril Lavigne

Although there are many 'badass' songs Sindy might rather choose to represent her, I know that this song perfectly suites the side she doesn't want you to see... 


  • Full name – Unknown
  • Hair – long and dark
  • Eyes – brown
  • Vampiric eyes – purple
  • Height – 5' 8"
  • Weight - 150
  • Body type - slim/athletic
  • Age at death – 25
  • Vampiric age – 268

Secretive yet powerful, this foreigner has a dark charm and is master of the largest vampire coven on the east coast. He is obeyed without question, and leads his coven with a firm but fair hand. Just be sure to stay on his good side.

 Quote: “Vampires are immortal, and grudges last long. Killing each other has been a favorite pass time since time began I would suppose. Otherwise we would rule the world.”


  • Full name – Ashley Petty
  • Hair – blonde, long & straight
  • Eyes – blue
  • Height – 5’ 7”
  • Weight – 125
  • Body type – hourglass
  • Age – 19

A sophmore in college, but far more interested in the social scene than academics, this on and off interest of Ben's is often clueless as to what is going on around her, but she doesn't mind, as long as she is the prettiest girl in the room.

Quote: “Excuse me, hi. Look, I’m real sorry that there’s like people trying to kill you and stuff. That really sucks. You should like, call the police or something. But, I’m late for an appointment. So if you don’t mind, I’m just going to slip out to my car, ‘kay?”


  • Full name – Matthew Reade
  • Hair –  medium length, strawberry blonde
  • Eyes – blue
  • Vampiric eyes – orange
  • Height – 5’ 9”
  • Weight - 155
  • Body type - athletic
  • Age at death – just shy of 18
  • Vampiric age – 21

Mattie was best friends with Ben and Allie since childhood. However, Ben has not been able to accept him since Mattie was changed into a vampire against his will. Mentored by Cain to handle his new existance, his secret visits with Allie are what Mattie most looks forward to now - especially since they've long since become much more than friends. 

Quote: Mattie was suddenly worried as he turned to Cain. “Allie didn’t try to stake you did she?” Cain laughed and shook his head no. “She does that sometimes. Could have been very embarrassing.”

Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

I've always loved this haunting song... after BORN TO BLOOD, the 4th book of ALMOST HUMAN (The Second Trilogy - Vol. 1), I'm sure Mattie loves it too.


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I'm Not Dead - P!NK

   I've always loved this song, & it seems fitting for my vampires :-)

The venom addiction is spreading...

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Melanie Nowak's books on Goodreads

Almost Human Almost Human (Almost Human,The First Trilogy #1-3)
reviews: 40
ratings: 328 (avg rating 4.12)

Fatal Infatuation Fatal Infatuation (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #1)
reviews: 25
ratings: 263 (avg rating 3.92)

Lost Reflections Lost Reflections (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #2)
reviews: 16
ratings: 216 (avg rating 4.18 )

Evolving Ecstasy Evolving Ecstasy (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #3)
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Destined for Divinity Destined for Divinity (Almost Human, The Second Trilogy, #3)
reviews: 24
ratings: 214 (avg rating 4.25)

Reader Reviews


Love the Vampires!

I really enjoyed Fatal Infatuation and can't wait to continue with the next volume. I found the characters to have some flesh to them and liked the interaction between them. The dialogue is smart and at times I feel like I can hear the characters talking. I have to admit that Cain is my favorite. I love that he is a better vampire than he was a man, and can't wait to delve deeper into his character. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good vampire story.

Bethie - USA



I Love This Series!!!

Don't be expecting a Twilight clone. These characters are more grown-up and the vampires can truly be scary. This series is getting even better as it goes along. Lost Reflections continues the love story between Felicity and Cain and their relationships with Felicity's human friends (I love Allie and Ben!). Even better - we get Cain's back story! This reads almost like a book within a book, and Cain's story is just so fascinating. I was spellbound!

This book is well-written, and the characters are wonderful. I really find myself missing them when I move on to another book. I highly recommend it.

Lynda J. Fries - CA, USA



A Fabulous Ending to an Amazing Trilogy!

As Felicity and Cain's relationship continues to grow they face difficult choices that will change their lives forever. Despite her love for Cain, can Felicity give up her future human life of marriage, children, and a career...say goodbye to her family to live alongside Cain in an undead existence for eternity? She loves him with everything she is, but is it enough? Cain is having his own internal moral battle regarding changing Felicity over. He wants nothing more than her by his side forever, but must debate the implications of taking her human life.

Of course there is more excitement with the rest of the gang: Ben, Sindy, Allie, and the return of Mattie as we get ready for the first book of the second trilogy Born to Blood. Evolving Ecstasy is an excellent read with an unbelievable ending that left me in tears!

Keri Leuvano - CA, USA



The First Trilogy ~ 3-in-1 Edition

What an Amazing Trilogy!

I am a huge paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi book fan and one of my favorite things is to immerse myself in a book, truly enjoy the story and anxiously anticipate what happens next. When I can't put a book down until the wee hours of the morning or can't wait to read it again, then I know I've found an amazingly good book. This series allows you to delve into each character's life and get to know them intimately throughout each book. The storyline always peaked my interest and not once made me ask what just happened or why am I reading this book. I can't wait to read the second trilogy! I am anxiously awaiting the new turn of events for Felicity, Ben, Allie, and Cain.

Hollie - Gilbertsville, PA




These characters are fascinating, their interaction flows easily. Melanie did a great job describing their experiences and feelings. Reading about their conflicts, their lost love, their tragedy and their quest for happiness made me feel pity, love and sadness, I call it the Trifecta effect. When an author can awake those feelings in a reader then the job has been done, the desired effect has been accomplished. Melanie's writing just flows, her stories are easy to read, and her style is fantastic. I look forward to reading Descendant of Darkness, the 2nd book of the 2nd Trilogy.

ReadingDiva - Bronx, NY



Amazing Journey

This series, Almost Human, is truly a journey for your heart and your soul. The characters are so real, you feel like you know each one personally. Melanie Nowak is a amazing author. I cannot wait to continue the journey with All of them, and watch how their lives continue to evolve. Thank You Melanie for bringing us with them. Cannot wait for the next book.

Suzanne Remsing - USA  



I Love This Series So Much!

I love this series so much and was so happy to see the release of this book. I read a lot, and surprisingly, I still remembered this series and the characters in detail even after years between releases. If you can distinctly remember characters in a book after that long and reading hundreds of books in between, I would say that is the sign of a great book and a great author!

Even so, I did re-read all of the books in the series which made the experience of reading this one so much better for me. The author does a good job of recapping for those that do not do that, but I found it was very helpful for some of the little things.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the paranormal romance genre! I also want to say I no longer write many reviews just because I never feel like I can take the time to write something that conveys all my thoughts about a book in a short review. Thank you so much for what you do Melanie Nowak...and keep on writing! I can't wait to see what is in store next for these characters!

PS: Even though this is a long book, which I love, I still breezed through it in 2 days. To be fair, it was the weekend  :)

T. Manning - Ohio



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