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I'm the author of the ALMOST HUMAN vampire series. I'm happily married to my husband Scott. We've been together for almost 23 years and have 2 wonderful sons. We live on a peaceful mountaintop surrounded by forest in upstate New York.

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Reply tl.metz
2:02 PM on May 26, 2011 
Melanie, you asked who that beautiful blonde guy is on someones profile pic is, I believe thats Charlie Hunnam! He plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy!!
Reply angel47
5:06 PM on May 16, 2011 
I really miss your books you area great author''''Love angel47 {Anna}
Reply Carla
9:59 AM on January 14, 2011 
Hello Melanie,

I know I might sound a bit impatient, I really love your books and am a BIG fan! I only started reading you books on Christmas day 2010. I have now finished all of you books in the Almost Human 1st series and also the 1st book in the second series. I was just wondering do you have a date when the next book will come out? I am dying to know what happens next? Many thanks :-)
Reply brandikay
12:01 PM on September 16, 2010 
Hey Melanie! I finally made it to your site! I will be sending a envelope to you to get some bookmarks. Excited for your upcoming interview at Nocturne Reads.
Reply Melanie Nowak
1:31 PM on September 7, 2010 
Hi Alicia,

I thought maybe you hadn't posted it yet, because you didn't know how. That is why I did it for you. You can change it if you want.

I took the Gallery listing off the top toolbar because I don't like when there is a lot up there and it looks cluttered. The photo gallery is on the sidebar of every page though, and it shows your pic :-)

Sorry - I'm just incredibly busy lately! You might have seen on the homepage that I've been asked to be featured in a trilogy of interview books, as well as contributing a research essay on the changing image of vampires in the media.

It's an exciting project and a huge honor - the book is also featuring some of my favorite authors and screenwritiers of the genre! This project is taking writing time as well as time for photo shoots, etc.

Of course I'm also writing the next Volume of ALMOST HUMAN - Descendant of Darkness, managing publishing business for the other books, getting my family ready to move in less than a year, and being a good wife and mommy. As you can see - my plate is full!

Lots going on but everything is good! I hope things are good with you as well :-)

~ Melanie
Reply angel47
6:21 PM on July 30, 2010 
I love the born to blood it was great!!!!! when will the next book be out I can not wait Anna
Reply Jenna
11:50 AM on June 17, 2010 
Ahhh fair enough. I didn't realize you were self published.

And yes, for having no budget and no graphics team I'd say that you did a fine job. My apologies.

Also, I have started reading your books and they are phenomenal. My friend was not wrong. Your writing is fantastic, just as good as Joss' --although in a different format of course-- but it's not fair to compare because you stand on your own as a wonderful writer.

Again I hope you accept my apologies, and I look forward to reading the rest of your books. Keep writing!

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Melanie Nowak's books on Goodreads

Almost Human Almost Human (Almost Human,The First Trilogy #1-3)
reviews: 40
ratings: 328 (avg rating 4.12)

Fatal Infatuation Fatal Infatuation (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #1)
reviews: 25
ratings: 263 (avg rating 3.92)

Lost Reflections Lost Reflections (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #2)
reviews: 16
ratings: 216 (avg rating 4.18 )

Evolving Ecstasy Evolving Ecstasy (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #3)
reviews: 11
ratings: 204 (avg rating 4.27)

Born to Blood Born to Blood (Almost Human, The Second Trilogy, #1)
reviews: 24
ratings: 214 (avg rating 4.25)

Descendant of Darkness Descendant of Darkness (Almost Human, The Second Trilogy, #2)
reviews: 24
ratings: 214 (avg rating 4.25)

Destined for Divinity Destined for Divinity (Almost Human, The Second Trilogy, #3)
reviews: 24
ratings: 214 (avg rating 4.25)

Reader Reviews


Love the Vampires!

I really enjoyed Fatal Infatuation and can't wait to continue with the next volume. I found the characters to have some flesh to them and liked the interaction between them. The dialogue is smart and at times I feel like I can hear the characters talking. I have to admit that Cain is my favorite. I love that he is a better vampire than he was a man, and can't wait to delve deeper into his character. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good vampire story.

Bethie - USA



I Love This Series!!!

Don't be expecting a Twilight clone. These characters are more grown-up and the vampires can truly be scary. This series is getting even better as it goes along. Lost Reflections continues the love story between Felicity and Cain and their relationships with Felicity's human friends (I love Allie and Ben!). Even better - we get Cain's back story! This reads almost like a book within a book, and Cain's story is just so fascinating. I was spellbound!

This book is well-written, and the characters are wonderful. I really find myself missing them when I move on to another book. I highly recommend it.

Lynda J. Fries - CA, USA



A Fabulous Ending to an Amazing Trilogy!

As Felicity and Cain's relationship continues to grow they face difficult choices that will change their lives forever. Despite her love for Cain, can Felicity give up her future human life of marriage, children, and a career...say goodbye to her family to live alongside Cain in an undead existence for eternity? She loves him with everything she is, but is it enough? Cain is having his own internal moral battle regarding changing Felicity over. He wants nothing more than her by his side forever, but must debate the implications of taking her human life.

Of course there is more excitement with the rest of the gang: Ben, Sindy, Allie, and the return of Mattie as we get ready for the first book of the second trilogy Born to Blood. Evolving Ecstasy is an excellent read with an unbelievable ending that left me in tears!

Keri Leuvano - CA, USA



The First Trilogy ~ 3-in-1 Edition

What an Amazing Trilogy!

I am a huge paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi book fan and one of my favorite things is to immerse myself in a book, truly enjoy the story and anxiously anticipate what happens next. When I can't put a book down until the wee hours of the morning or can't wait to read it again, then I know I've found an amazingly good book. This series allows you to delve into each character's life and get to know them intimately throughout each book. The storyline always peaked my interest and not once made me ask what just happened or why am I reading this book. I can't wait to read the second trilogy! I am anxiously awaiting the new turn of events for Felicity, Ben, Allie, and Cain.

Hollie - Gilbertsville, PA




These characters are fascinating, their interaction flows easily. Melanie did a great job describing their experiences and feelings. Reading about their conflicts, their lost love, their tragedy and their quest for happiness made me feel pity, love and sadness, I call it the Trifecta effect. When an author can awake those feelings in a reader then the job has been done, the desired effect has been accomplished. Melanie's writing just flows, her stories are easy to read, and her style is fantastic. I look forward to reading Descendant of Darkness, the 2nd book of the 2nd Trilogy.

ReadingDiva - Bronx, NY



Amazing Journey

This series, Almost Human, is truly a journey for your heart and your soul. The characters are so real, you feel like you know each one personally. Melanie Nowak is a amazing author. I cannot wait to continue the journey with All of them, and watch how their lives continue to evolve. Thank You Melanie for bringing us with them. Cannot wait for the next book.

Suzanne Remsing - USA  



I Love This Series So Much!

I love this series so much and was so happy to see the release of this book. I read a lot, and surprisingly, I still remembered this series and the characters in detail even after years between releases. If you can distinctly remember characters in a book after that long and reading hundreds of books in between, I would say that is the sign of a great book and a great author!

Even so, I did re-read all of the books in the series which made the experience of reading this one so much better for me. The author does a good job of recapping for those that do not do that, but I found it was very helpful for some of the little things.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the paranormal romance genre! I also want to say I no longer write many reviews just because I never feel like I can take the time to write something that conveys all my thoughts about a book in a short review. Thank you so much for what you do Melanie Nowak...and keep on writing! I can't wait to see what is in store next for these characters!

PS: Even though this is a long book, which I love, I still breezed through it in 2 days. To be fair, it was the weekend  :)

T. Manning - Ohio



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